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Photo Caption: DESK’s DRC Program Manager, Evan Serio (center), accepting the donation from the NHCMA Foundation’s President,
Dr. Matthew Ellman (left), and Director, Meghan Leubner (right).


People experiencing homelessness are among the most vulnerable in our community. Researchers have estimated that the mortality rate of unhoused individuals is 3-6 times higher than their housed counterparts. DESK’s mission has always been to support our community by fulfilling basic needs and improving their overall well-being.

When we opened New Haven’s first Downtown Drop-in & Resource Center two and a half years ago, we consciously decided to co-locate several critical services under one roof. Funding from the New Haven County Medical Association Foundation will help us bolster the harm reduction and educational resources that we have historically provided. These funds signify an investment in DESK’s ability to offer evidence-based, life-saving services designed to reduce harm, improve health outcomes, and build lasting trust. 

Thank you to the New Haven County Medical Association Foundation for investing in our client’s continued health and well-being and for believing, as we do, that they are worth it.