In the News: SNAP/WIC, Narcan, & Student Homelessness

by | Sep 26, 2023 | Homelessness, Hunger, In the News, Overdose Prevention & Harm Reduction

NPR’s Morning Edition hit on three topics this morning that cover much of what we do at DESK: hunger, homelessness, and the opioid crisis.  Stay informed!  Take a few minutes to listen to these short pieces:

  1. Agriculture secretary says government shutdown would impact department’s programs: How will the looming government shutdown affect those who receive SNAP and WIC?  (Short answer: It could be catastrophic for families who depend on these programs.)
  2. Maine’s housing crisis contributes to a big increase in student homelessness Can short-term financial assistance through schools help families avoid eviction and homelessness?  (Short answer: Yes! Direct and immediate financial assistance has been proven to keep people housed.)
  3. An overdose drug is finally over-the-counter. Is that enough to stop the death toll?  Narcan is now available over-the-counter — but how accessible is it really to those who need it now?  (Short answer: With prices as high as $72 per box, Narcan is still unattainable from those most at risk of a deadly overdose.)

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  1. Denise Dean

    Thank you for putting all of this in one place- both hopeful and frustrating changes are on the horizon. So grateful that DESK is here to help weather the storm.


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